Customize your own Aprons with CapesBySheena

As a salon owner, if you are looking to customize your own aprons and establish your own brand then there is no better place than CapesbySheena. 

We help you design your own aprons and salon apparel to help provide you with your own distinct identity. Shopping online has never been easier and creating your own brand on the web is now easier than ever. We are a one-stop solution for everything you could possibly need. Aprons, capes, smocks, towels – you name it and we have it. We’ve even got different shampoo and chemical capes salon owners would ordinarily require. After all, that is what a one-stop shop is supposed to be, right? Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a veteran looking to expand your business, has a world of products for you to choose from.


What’s even more exciting is that we also provide you with the flexibility to customize your own apparel. You can create your own personalized aprons and your very own stylish capes and aprons based on the numerous designs we offer you.Our collection comprises a wide range of different animal prints as well as durable and practical apparel such as chemical resistant capes and aprons. Visit us online to know more about our exclusive selection. Who knows, you may even catch us at a good time. We’ve always got sales and offers online for our clientele and if you are a VIP member, you can certainly expect to get much more out of it. Our designs are affordably priced and we make sure they offer you that sophisticated style customers cherish while being comfortable to work in.


So, why should you customize your own aprons? Well, there are several ways to answer that and many a reason to do so too. The first and most obvious reason is branding. There are several players in almost every industry today, which is why distinguishing yourself from your competition is absolutely vital to creating a lasting impression. With diminishing attention spans, it can get very easy for your customers to forget about you or even worse, confuse you with another competing brand. Creating your very own personalized aprons is one way to ensure that doesn’t happen. Whether you are running a single salon or a multiple chain of salons across the country, having your own branded apparel helps set you apart from the rest and also helps customers identify easily with you. In addition to customers, it also helps your employees identify with you.


Providing them with distinct salon apparel helps them feel special and encourages them to connect with your organization in a very different way. Studies have shown that such branding activities not only help with marketing strategies but also help foster employee loyalty. Employees love working for an organization that believes in setting itself apart. Another good reason to customize your own stylish capes and aprons is flexibility. Depending on your own personal needs, our designs can be modified to cater to your own specific requirements. A hairdressing salon may not require the same kind of capes and aprons that a beauty salon would. Also, the kind of treatments that are carried out at your salon would probably determine the kind of fabric you would require for your apparel. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from depending on your selective needs. To catch a glimpse, log on to today!

















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